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Insurance Defense 

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Product Liability Claims
Trucking Accidents

Insurance is an essential part of our daily lives, as it can help protect our interests and financial future when we are faced with a legal dispute. An insurance defense attorney represents insurance companies and policyholders in all aspects of claims processing. Insurance companies may require that a policyholder utilize a specific attorney that is under contract. However, other insurance contracts permit corporate and individual policyholders to choose their own legal defense.

As insurance defense attorneys, we investigate accidents, and defend against alleged claims to protect insurance companies and the insured from excessive financial loss. We are adept at scrutinizing lawsuits to identify cases of fraud, as well as false or exaggerated claims.


A lawyer with proven trial experience commands respect from their peers in the judicial system. Trial experience is a significant advantage in navigating a case for a favorable settlement or verdict. The legal team at Buchanan & Buchanan, P.A. has more than 100 years of combined experience in insurance defense litigation. We are committed exclusively to insurance defense claims. Our law firm has the resources necessary to manage the complexity of high-exposure and multi-carrier litigation cases.


Insurance companies are highly regulated by Florida State and Federal laws. A necessary component of insurance defense is having in-depth knowledge of complex laws and intricate legal principles. It requires a comprehensive understanding of the process of substantive and procedural laws in the court system. Buchanan & Buchanan, P.A., utilizes the most advanced legal technologies for research, case review, and case analysis. We have an AV Preeminent rating through Martindale-Hubbell, distinguishing us from our peers. Our law firm is recognized for having the highest level of professional excellence for knowledge, communication skills, and ethical standards.


Accessibility is essential when establishing a relationship with a law firm. Being able to have in-person interaction goes a long way in building trust and confidence. With offices in Ocala and Tallahassee, Florida, Buchanan & Buchanan, P.A., has geographical locations that can provide easy access to legal services for our clients throughout Florida. We also have a strong presence in the State, Federal, and Courts of Appeal in multi-jurisdictional locations.


A history of favorable results is the best indicator of future success. Buchanan & Buchanan, P.A., is committed exclusively to insurance defense litigation in the practice areas of general liability, personal injury defense, trucking and motor vehicle litigation, premises and product liability, and employment discrimination. Our success is reflected in the countless favorable jury verdicts we have achieved at trials as well as notable pre-trial settlements. Our focus is on educating our clients on their options based on the evidence in the claim and our insurance policy analysis. We deliver results that are cost effective and efficient to ensure that our clients receive the personalized attention they deserve.

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