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Insurance defense is the process of legal representation for insurance companies, self-insured entities, and policyholders to resolve disputes. The nature and complexity of insurance claims demand a need for aggressive, effective legal representation. The insurance industry is heavily governed by state and federal regulations, which are frequently subject to change. A skilled and knowledgeable insurance defense attorney remains current with changes in regulations to ensure that insurance policies remain in compliance, lending to favorable outcomes when a claim is filed.

Buchanan & Buchanan, P.A. is an insurance defense litigation firm that successfully represents insurance companies, self-insureds, and policyholders in a full spectrum of dispute resolution. When appropriate, we resolve matters through negotiation and alternative defense venues. However, we are always prepared to secure justice in a court of law. We handle first- and third-party defense and subrogation claims. Our lawyers have successfully defended insurance providers in lawsuits that included bad faith litigation. For every case, we are meticulously prepared to provide pre-suit counseling, case assessment, discovery, motion practice, trials, and appeals.

Our scope of insurance defense encompasses multiple practice areas, including:
  • General Liability

  • Personal Injury

  • Trucking Litigation

  • Motor Vehicle Negligence

  • Premises Liability

  • Product Liability

  • Employment Discrimination

Our Legal Team strives to provide a Cost-Effective Approach to Claim. Resolution.

As such, we integrate our comprehensive knowledge base with defense strategies that have proven to be successful. We believe in early and aggressive intervention when a claim is filed. A close lawyer-client relationship helps to identify the factors that result in a positive outcome. We utilize the latest technological advances to facilitate legal research and analysis, case review, and communication. When appropriate, expert witnesses can provide insightful and unbiased information in testimony due to a vast knowledge of specialized forms of coverage or claims relevant to a case.

Buchanan & Buchanan has a Combined 100 Years of Experience in Insurance Defense.

We are committed exclusively to insurance defense. Our team approach and resources are the foundation of our practice. It allows us to engage in the volume and complexity of claims that are experienced by insurance companies every day. We are keenly aware and watchful for instances of insurance fraud and false claims and can help our clients recover damages. Insurance fraud is a criminal act in Florida with harsh penalties. It is the act of intentionally deceiving an insurance carrier for financial gains, such as fabricated injuries, staging accidents, and exaggerated damages.

We take pride in offering Exceptional Legal Services

Our legal team analyzes and interprets insurance coverage policies to determine the risks of exposure. That is an essential step in developing a framework for successful defenses of disputes. We are mindful that our clients’ goals are to resolve disputes with the most favorable results, both cost-effectively and expediently. At Buchanan & Buchanan, P.A., we believe in establishing trusting, long-term relationships with our clients. The foundation of our practice is to pursue results for our clients. Our reputation for success is based on meticulous investigation of details, as well as collaboration between our firm, the insurance carrier, and the insured.

Buchanan & Buchanan, P.A., is an AV rated firm by Martindale-Hubbell. It is the highest rating for legal skill, professionalism, and integrity in their areas of law practice and distinguishes them from their peers.

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